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5 Steps to Reduce Electricity Bill from Your Air Conditioner

In the summer season, as much as it is relaxing to eat the cool air of AC, the more tension there is about the electricity bill that comes after that. If you are also troubled by the high electricity bill coming in the summer season, then these tips will come in handy for you.

By the end of the month of February, the heat had started showing its attitude and now April has started. People have started running coolers and ACs (Air conditioners) after ceiling fans in the house . In the summer season, even though AC gives you relief physically, but mentally most of us are worried about the huge electricity bill that comes after this.

If you are also eating AC (Air conditioner) air in full-on tension , then this article of ours is going to be very helpful for you. Today we are going to give you many useful energy saving tips. By following these tips, you will be able to eat the cool air of AC this summer and also reduce your electricity bill .

Keep star rating in mind while buying AC

The star rating of AC helps in estimating the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner. These star ratings are provided by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) for consumer awareness. ACs with 5 star rating are much better. They give you more cooling in less time by using less power than ACs with 1 and 2 star ratings.

24 °C cooling is best instead of 18 °C

To cool the room quickly in the summer season, people turn it on at 18 degrees Celsius as soon as the AC is turned on. This is the lowest temperature setting of the AC. However, according to BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), 24 degree temperature setting is best for the human body. Apart from this, there is less load on the AC through this temperature setting and your electricity bill is also low.

Fan + AC pairing will reduce power consumption

Do not forget to turn on the ceiling fan as soon as you turn on the AC. Together these two help in cooling down the room quickly. However, keep in mind that when the AC is on, keep the fan speed low or on medium. With this, AC air will reach all the corners of the room easily and quickly.

Use timer in AC

Almost all ACs in the market today come with a timer setting, but very few people use this feature. The timer setting of the AC saves electricity for you in case you forget to turn it off by running the AC. On setting the timer, the AC automatically turns off after a while after cooling the room. In such a situation, it is important that you sleep every night by setting a timer in your AC.

Say Bye-Bye to the old AC

If you have 7 to 8 years old AC in your house, then replace it immediately and buy a new AC. Compared to the new AC, the old AC takes more load when it is turned on, due to which the power consumption is very high. If you have an old AC in your house, then this can be an important reason behind the high bill. While taking a new AC, you must keep in mind the 5 star rating.

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