ArticlesWhat are the plans of Prashant Kishor to strengthen the Congress? Full...

What are the plans of Prashant Kishor to strengthen the Congress? Full info

Sonia Gandhi will decide within a week whether these plans are really useful to the Congress and whether Prashant Kishor can be included in the Congress.

New Delhi: The Congress party has suffered an unprecedented defeat in the parliamentary and state assembly elections.

As a result, 23 key Congress leaders, led by Ghulam Nabi Azad, raised the banner, urging Sonia and Rahul to step down as Congress president. They demanded that Congress be completely overhauled.

Following this, a think tank meeting with senior party leaders on strengthening the Congress party is scheduled to be held in Rajasthan next month. It seems that many new measures will be taken.

Meanwhile, arrangements are being made for the Congress to hold by-elections. Sonia plans to completely reshuffle Congress executives by September.

In this situation, the famous election strategist Prashant Kishor is actively trying to join the Congress party. He is approaching Sonia with new strategies to help the Congress party win the 2024 parliamentary elections.

He held 3 consecutive days of consultation with Sonia. At that consultation meeting he described various crimes. He pointed out the need to strengthen the Congress party, especially in 11 states.

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He further added that he was ready to come up with a number of new strategies if given the status and authority. Information on what changes Prashant Kishor has pointed out in this regard has now been released. Prasanth Kishore points out;

1) To create a new Congress party for the people.

2) Preservation of its values ​​and basic principles.

3) Destruction of sense of entitlement and flattery.

4) Fixing the alliance problem.

5) To prevent succession politics, only one person from a family should be the Congress president.

6) Restructuring of organizational structures through elections at all levels.

7) Fixed term, fixed term for all posts including Congress President and Congress Working Committee.

8) Identify and meaningfully engage 15,000 grassroots leaders and involve 1 crore Congress volunteers in field work across India.

9) To create a federation of 200+ like-minded influencers, activists and civil society members to ensure their integration, dissent and co-operation.

These are explained in the strategic statement given by Prashant Kishor.

Sonia Gandhi has set up a three-member team to explore these strategies. Sonia Gandhi will decide within a week whether these plans are really useful to the Congress and whether Prashant Kishor can be included in the Congress.

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