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Google to shut down Android Auto mobile app; Which users will be affected?

Now this app is being discontinued for Android users and has been done for all Android OS versions.

Search engine company Google last year announced the closure of its navigation app Android Auto Mobile.

Now this app is being discontinued for Android users and has been done for all Android OS versions.

Let us tell you, about a year ago, the company removed this service for Android 12 users. A message related to the change is being shown to the users on the app screen.

App access terminated for users

The Android Auto mobile app still exists, but cannot be accessed. Now if users with older Android versions open it and try to access, they are shown a message. The message reads, ‘Android Auto for phone screens will stop working soon’.

However, Google has not given any official date for the complete closure of this app. The company has confirmed that the app has been shut down.

Google has confirmed in a statement to 9 to5Google that the Android Auto on Phone Screens app is being discontinued.

The company said, “Users who use Android Auto on supported vehicles, their old experience will not change and we have also informed about the changes in the new UI at Google I/O.”

Users will now be given app-like features in Google Assistant driving mode, so that there will be no need for a separate app.

According to a study report published by smartphone car insurance comparator Jerry , Android users are more modest and drive better than those who use iPhones. The study revealed that the safe-driving score of Android users was better.

Features like navigation, music playback in the app

In the Android Auto for Mobile app, users get features like navigation, music playback, call management and text management.

Now the company has made these features a part of the driving mode of Google Assistant. In this way the need for a separate app for the users has ended.

Let us tell you, users get support of Android Auto in almost all new cars and features like wireless connectivity are also provided.

What is Google Assistant’s driving mode?

At the beginning of last year, Google Assistant has been given a new driving mode, with the help of which important tasks can be done on the smartphone while keeping the focus on the road.

In driving mode, users can do things like make or receive calls, send texts, control music and listen to new messages just by speaking.

If users want to read a text written on the smartphone without looking at the screen, then the assistant reads it out and they do not have to look at the phone.

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Updates for Android Auto Technology

Recently , in the annual developer conference , Google has brought new updates and features for this Android Auto technology.

With the latest update, the Android Auto UI will adjust to different car screen sizes and offer a default split-screen look.

With this split-screen display mode, Android Auto users will get to see features like navigation, media player and messages on a single screen.

The current split-screen display mode is available for select users only.

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