AutomobilesHow many types of car chassis & frames are there?

How many types of car chassis & frames are there?

How many types of car chassis are there? This information related to this will give you many benefits

Chassis is a very important part of the car , but it gets little attention. Very few people know and care about it.

Admittedly, we don’t have the option to choose which chassis we want to use on our car, but knowing this will give you an idea of ​​what your car’s capabilities and limitations are. There are mainly four types of car chassis.

What is Chassis?

Chassis is the foundation of a car that supports it from below. It is also known as ‘Car Frame’. The chassis carries the load of the car in its idle and dynamic state.

Ladder frame chassis

One of the oldest chassis, the ladder chassis got its name from its ladder-like shape.

It consists of two long and heavy beams joined by two shorter beams to form a frame. The ease of manufacture of the ladder chassis was the main reason for its sale .

Ladder chassis are quite heavy and are used in vehicles that require heavy goods to be carried.

Backbone chassis

It also gets its name from its design. This chassis consists of a cross-section cylindrical tube running through the middle that connects the front and rear suspension.

It has been used in cars like the Skoda Rapid and the DMC DeLorean.

The cylindrical tube of this chassis covers the driveshaft, making it safe from damage, but repairing the driveshaft requires unscrewing the chassis, which makes it very difficult.

Monocoque chassis

It is a unibody structure. Monocoque is a French word meaning ‘single shell’ or ‘single plow’. Monocoques were first used in ships and then in airplanes.

The monocoque chassis is a shell around the car that is built entirely on a single frame, with no separate pieces attached to it.

Compared to the ladder frame and backbone chassis, this is the most commonly used chassis right now.

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Tubular chassis

Tubular chassis were primarily used in race cars as they provided unmatched protection. They were upgraded from ladder chassis to three dimensional, making them stronger than ladder chassis.

A strong structure was used under their doors to give them more power. Tubular chassis are rarely used in passenger cars .

It takes a lot of time to make them.

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