CorporateWhiteHat Jr 800 Employees resigned Reason Dont Like to Work in Office

WhiteHat Jr 800 Employees resigned Reason Dont Like to Work in Office

WhiteHat Education Technology company emplyoess nearly 800 people resigned their jobs due to company has called to work from office

After the ‘work from home’ trend that started during the Covid-19 transition and lockdown, companies are now calling their employees back to the office.

However, many employees do not want to go back to the office and are not happy with the change.

Now, more than 800 employees of online coding learning platform WhiteHat Junior have quit because the company was calling them back to work.

Resigned in last two months

According to a report by Inc42 , more than 800 full-time employees of the company have resigned from the job within the last two months.

It has been told in the report that these employees themselves have left their jobs, because they do not want to come back to work and work.

The company had asked the employees to return to the office within a month.

Let us tell you, in the year 2020, Byju’s platform bought Whitehat Junior.

The email was sent by the company last month

On March 18, Whitehat Junior sent an email to its employees asking them to return to the office.

The report said that employees have been called to the company’s Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurugram offices.

However, instead of obeying the company, hundreds of employees thought it better to resign.

Some employees have pointed out that this is a cost-cutting exercise and there will be more resignations in the days to come.

That’s why the rapidly changing situation in the company

Employees have reported that things changed after Byju’s acquired Whitehat Junior and Whitehat Junior founder Karan Bajaj left the company.

According to the report, the employees were feeling better while working with Bajaj.

Let us tell you, Karan Bajaj left the company in August 2021, almost a year after Byju’s bought the start-up for $ 300 million (about Rs 2,319 crore).

Teachers will continue to work from home

Whitehat Junior has said in an official statement that its teachers will continue to work from home.

The company said, “With our back-to-work drive, most of the sales and support employees were asked to report to Gurugram and Mumbai offices from April 18. We have also given relief in view of health and personal circumstances and They are also helping the employees to change the city according to the need.

Similar situation in front of other companies also

Recently , Apple ‘s Director of Machine Learning Ian Goodfellow also quit his job because the company was calling him to the office to work.

Ian decided to leave the company due to Apple’s hybrid work policy.

After April 11, employees were to come to office at least one day a week, after May 2, at least two days in a week, and after May 23, at least three days a week.

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