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BusinessCultivation of garlic will make you rich, know how to start Business...

Cultivation of garlic will make you rich, know how to start Business Idea

Business Idea: Cultivation of garlic is considered as a cash crop. It is used in making many products. Therefore, its demand remains constant for 12 months. One can earn lakhs of rupees through its cultivation in one acre.

If you want to earn big through farming, then today we are telling you about one such farming. In which today’s youth are leaving the job and trying their hand in it and are earning huge amount of lakhs of rupees sitting at home. Actually, we are telling you about the cultivation of garlic.

Through its cultivation, you can easily earn 10 lakh rupees in the first crop itself i.e. within 6 months. Farmers can earn lakhs of rupees through garlic cultivation.

Let us tell you that garlic is a cash crop. Its demand in India remains throughout the year. From being used as a spice to medicine, it is an important part of the common Indian kitchen. People cultivating garlic will become rich. But for this it is necessary to pay attention to many things.

How to cultivate garlic

Start garlic cultivation only after the rainy season is over. Accordingly, the months of October and November are good. Garlic is cultivated from its buds. Sowing is done at a distance of 10 cm, so that its knot is well settled.

It should be cultivated by making bunds. It can be cultivated in any soil. But it should be done in the same field where water does not stagnate. This crop matures well in about 5-6 months.

Garlic is used as a pickle, vegetable, chutney and spice. Garlic is also used for high blood pressure, stomach diseases, digestive problems, lung problems, cancer, arthritis, impotence and blood diseases. It is used in diseases due to its anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties.

In today’s time, the use of garlic is not only limited to spices. Now after processing, many products including powder, paste and chips are being prepared, due to which farmers are getting more profit.

There are many varieties of garlic. Garlic can produce up to 50 quintals in one acre of land. 10000 to 21000 rupees are available for this garlic per quintal. While the cost per acre is up to Rs 40000. In such a situation, farmers can earn from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh by cultivating Riya forest variety of garlic in one acre.

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Let us tell you that Riya Van is a variety of garlic. According to media reports, the quality of Riya One is considered better than other garlic varieties. One lump of it can be up to 100 grams. There are 6 to 13 buds in a knot.

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