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How to Sent UPI Payments Not Using Smartphones & Without Internet Using UPI 123 Pay

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) we can send Payments to anyone without adding an account number using in this facility. However, there is one more feature are added on this payment method now available to send a UPI Payments to other without using Internet and Not Using Smartphones.

In addition to sending money on this service, the case bill, mobile recharge, bank account can be checked.

Reserve Bank Governor Sakthikantha Das has said that even ordinary mobile phones without internet will now be able to transfer money through UPI. For this he started a service called ‘UPI-123B’.

In India, 40 crore customers use only ordinary cell phones. He said the service was launched to help them participate in digital modernization.

In this ‘UPI 123 Pay’ service, the general public who have a normal phone should go to the bank and link their cell phone number with the bank account. Then enter the debit card number and create the UPI password. After that the transaction can be done.

You can send money in 4 ways in this service. You can send money using a processor designed for ordinary phones. You can call the IVR number and register the information including the bank number of the person to whom the money is to be sent.

You can send money with a speaker-like device designed specifically for this purpose. It has been reported that the money given by Missed Call can be sent to the number given by RBI.

This service not only allows you to send money but also case bill and mobile recharge. It has been reported that the balance in the bank account can be checked and transactions can be made through this service even at places where the smartphone is scanned and paid.

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