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CareersAgnipath Scheme IAF Agniveer get 30 holidays in a year, Insurance Benefits

Agnipath Scheme IAF Agniveer get 30 holidays in a year, Insurance Benefits

Meanwhile , the Indian Air Force (IAF) has released the detailed details of recruitment in the scheme on Sunday.

The Agnipath scheme , brought by the central government for the short-term recruitment of youth in the three commands of the army, is facing massive opposition in many states.

Meanwhile , the Indian Air Force (IAF) has released the detailed details of recruitment in the scheme on Sunday.

In this, important information including qualification, salary and allowances, annual leave, training and other important information has been given for ‘Agniveers’ joining the army through the scheme.

Check here complete details of recruitment

What is Agnipath Scheme?

Agnipath scheme is a pan-India merit-based recruitment process for all the three services, Army, Air Force and Navy.

The youth who are recruited under this scheme will be called ‘ Agniveer ‘. He will get an opportunity to serve in the army for four years.

Thereafter, 25% of the Agniveers will be retained in service on the basis of merit, willingness and medical fitness.

Youth across the country are on the streets against this scheme and are demanding its withdrawal.

When will the recruitment start under the scheme?

In the details tweeted by the IAF, it has been told that the recruitment process under the scheme will be started from June 24. In this, Indian youth from 17.5 to 21 years will be able to apply.

However, the upper age limit for the first year will be 23 years due to the stalled recruitment for the last two years.

Applying candidates will have to undergo a medical test. After that other process including physical efficiency test will be completed.

How will the training of Agniveers be done in IAF?

According to the IAF, the selected Agniveers will be given training for a maximum period of six months to a maximum of 10 months as per the requirement of the command.

However, except in exceptional cases, Agniveers will not be allowed to leave the service of their own accord. They will also be given a special insignia along with the uniform of the Air Force.

Agniveers after selection can be posted on duty anywhere as per the requirement of the IAF.

What facilities will Agniveers get?

Agniveers will be provided canteen and medical facility along with hardship and uniform allowance along with salary. All these facilities will be same as that of a common soldier. Agniveers will also be given traveling allowance for duty.

Apart from this, they will also be given 30 paid leave every year and medical leave on the advice of the doctor. Similarly, a total insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh will also be given to all Agniveers.

Agniveer will also be entitled to honor and award

All Agniveers who get selected in the IAF will be entitled to all the honors and awards of the Command. Apart from this, their centralized high quality online database will also be created. In this, the skills acquired by them will be recorded and assessed.

What will be the pay scale of Agniveers in IAF?

Under the scheme, Agniveers will get a monthly salary of Rs 30,000 in the first year, Rs 33,000 in the second year, Rs 36,500 in the third year and Rs 40,000 in the fourth year.

Out of this, 70 percent amount will be deposited directly in their account and 30 percent will be deposited in service fund fund. An equal amount will be deposited in this fund by the Central Government.

With this, after four years, Agniveers will get a one-time service fund package of Rs 11.71 lakh.

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What will happen in case of martyr or handicap during service?

All Agniveers will have a non-premium insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh. In such a situation, in case of martyrdom in the line of duty, they will get an additional ex-gratia amount of Rs 44 lakh along with the sum insured.

In addition, the family will also be paid the salary of the remaining part of the job along with the service fund.

Similarly, Rs 44 lakh will be given for 100 percent disability, 25 lakh for 75 percent disability and Rs 15 lakh for 50 percent disability.

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