Entertainment2 National Awards 2022 for Yogi Babu Mandela Movie

2 National Awards 2022 for Yogi Babu Mandela Movie

Mandela's film on the importance of voting won 2 national awards.

National Film Awards 2022: Yogi Babu starrer Mandela was directed by debutant director Madonne Ashwin. The film won 2 National Awards. Mandela has won the Best Debut Director Award and the Best Lyricist Award.

Due to this, congratulations are pouring in for the director of Mandela. Focusing on the Panchayat elections, the director has exposed the electoral process in the society and the farces being carried out in its name.

Yogi Babu, who lived as Ilichavayan, would have made the people aware of the value of his vote by keeping his single vote. In a town divided by caste, the Illichavayan will have only one vote to decide the Panchayat head.

Contestants from both the sides will get equal votes and a situation will arise where those who get the single vote of Ilichavayan will become the panchayat president. Then, both parties will appeal to Ilichavayan, who will show what can be done with that single vote without selling it for money.

Every now and then, the political dialogues are thrown in to sneer at the prevailing situation in the society. Madonne Ashwin was immediately praised for bringing reality to the fore as a political satire. Now the National Award has thrown more light on his efforts.

Director Madonne Ashwin is directing the film ‘Maveeran’. Sivakarthikeyan plays the lead role. While the title of the film has created huge expectations, the fact that he has won 2 National Awards has increased the expectations of what kind of leap Maveeran is going to make.

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