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EntertainmentActress Mumtaz House Workers rescued ! What Happened?

Actress Mumtaz House Workers rescued ! What Happened?

Police have rescued a maid from the house of actress Mumtaz.

Chennai: Actress Mumtaz made her debut in the Tamil film world with the film ‘Monisha En Monalisa’. Mumtaz became a popular actress within a few years and continued to make a comeback as a character actress.

Currently, the incident where a maid was rescued from Mumtaz house, who lives in the ‘H’ block area on the second main road in Anna Nagar, has come as a shock.

Mujitin, a North Indian woman, has been working at Mumtaz house in Anna Nagar, Chennai for the past six years.

For the past few days he has been calling the residents and often saying ‘save me’, ‘save me’. Not only that, he calls the people there, buys their cell phone, calls the police and shouts ‘save me’.

Neighbors who could not bear his harassment informed the police. Police rushed to Mumtaz house in Anna Nagar on the information. They are investigating the maid named Mujidin there.

The maid Mujidin said, “I am from the northern state. I have a sister. I have been working at Mumtaj house for the last 6 years. He has been giving us more work for a few days now.

And don’t even watch TV. He is torturing us. So please hand me over and my sister to our parents. ‘

Following this, the police investigated Mujidin’s sister. In it, ‘I like to be here. So here I am. Leave my sister alone with my parents. ‘

Following this, the police informed their parents in the northern state and asked them to come immediately and take sister Mujidin to the city.

Actress Mumtaj was also questioned by the police. In it, Mumtaj said, ‘My sister and I have been happy for six years.

Currently there is a fight between sister and brother. Thus the two do not speak. There are no major reasons for this other than a minor altercation. ‘

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