Thursday, August 11, 2022
EntertainmentBayilvan Ranganathan vs Rekha Nair Iravin Nizhal Actress Fight for Nude Scene...

Bayilvan Ranganathan vs Rekha Nair Iravin Nizhal Actress Fight for Nude Scene Talk Issue

Chennai : Viral Video of Iravin Nizhal movie Actress Rekha Nair scold and fight with Bayilvan Ranganathan actor in public thiruvanmayur beach while morning walking time the actress questioned is am act as naked / nude in Iravin Nizhal movie and more questions gone wrong. A video of actress Rekha Nair and film critic Bayilvan Ranganathan fighting is going viral on social media.

Actress Rekha Nair, who is famous for acting in serials, recently acted in a nudity scene in the film ‘Iravin Nizhal’ directed by Parthiban. Film critic Bayilvan Ranganathan seems to have criticized this scene in a wrong way.

In this situation, Rekha Nair inquired about it from Bayilvan Ranganathan who was walking near the Thiruvanmiyur beach today. In no time it turned into a debate. Rekha asks why did you keep talking like that and what right do you have to criticize me, Pailwan Rangan says I would have talked like that if I acted naked.

The discussion turned into a fist fight. Bayilvan Ranganathan, who spoke about this fight to a private YouTube channel, said, “Rekha said I will perform naked on the beach. He tried to show off his clothes. Immediately I said let’s go to the police station. He left immediately.” He said that.

Rekha Nair says, “I don’t go there much. I randomly passed by that way today. Then I asked about what he had said about me. Only then is it debatable.

Can he talk like that.. Have I acted naked in that film.. I will act however I want. What does he care about that.. Even if I have acted like that, what right does he have to speak. Am I his wife.. or daughter.. That’s why I left saying that I will fight with him and lose my sandal.”

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