CelebritiesActress Amala Pal's boyfriend Bhavninder Singh Dutt was arrested for Cheating Case

Actress Amala Pal’s boyfriend Bhavninder Singh Dutt was arrested for Cheating Case

According to the complaint filed by actress Amala Paul, the police have arrested her boyfriend, what happened?

Viluppuram: Amala Paul is a popular actress in the film industry. In the film industry, due to his friendship with Bhavninder Singh Dutt (A) Bhuvi, he started a film company with family and friends. Later, in the year 2018, both of them took a house and stayed in Periya Mudaliyar Sawadi near Kotakuppam, Villuppuram district and were doing business.

Actress Amala Paul and her boyfriend broke up due to a disagreement at some point. In this situation, Bhavninder Singh Dutt and his relatives are said to have threatened actress Amala Paul by saying that they will post the photos taken when they were together on the website.

And for the same reason…Actress Amala Pal has filed a complaint with the Superintendent of Police of Villupuram that they have been harassing her mentally, economically and professionally by defrauding her of money and property.

Based on that complaint, Villupuram District Crime Branch Police, who registered a case under 16 sections against 12 people yesterday (29.08.2022), arrested the brother-in-law of actress Amala Paul’s boyfriend Bhavninder Singh this morning. They are continuing to investigate him. Also, the police are actively looking for 11 people who are said to be involved in this case.

When the police inquired about this in the locality, the two have started a film company together. In it, the actress has no right… It seems that the person used the documents as if he was a ‘director’. Also, a complaint was filed against 12 people by the actress’s lawyer that she had cheated them by threatening to publish the photos and thus cheated them of money, car and things.

Accordingly, a case has been registered under 16 sections including 384, 420. Earlier this morning, the actress’ boyfriend was arrested. The value of the cheated money and items will be known only after the investigation, they said.

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