EntertainmentGoogle Kuttappan Tamil Movie Review

Google Kuttappan Tamil Movie Review

‘Android Kunjappan’ released in Malayalam has been released in Tamil by Google Kuttappan. Produced and starring KS Ravikumar, the film is directed by duo Sabari and Saravanan.

Father and son live in a small village in Coimbatore district., KS Ravikumar and Big Boss Darshan. KS Ravikumar believes that living in harmony with nature prolongs life.

Darshan, a robotics engineer, leaves his father in the city and goes to Germany. Once there he brings a robot to help his father.

Named Kuttappa by the villagers, the robot was initially hated by the elderly KS Ravikumar but over time he uses it as his own son. Then stretches the screenplay.

Although we do not need any logic when it comes to science fiction, interest is important. It’s totally missing in Guttappa. It takes a long time to get into the story.

Then the first half somehow moves on as the robot enters and breaks shortly after. How many delicious scenes can be given by holding a different story in hand but there is no menace to it. Like the monkey falling in love with a girl in Hollywood.

There have been a lot of stories about how a man loves a robot. But the main reason they succeed is to create an emotional connection. The film’s directors have failed to do that.

For example, KS Ravikumar, who has chest pains and is lying unconscious on the ground floor, accidentally sees him at the Yogibabu Hospital. This incident is the main reason why Darshan brings a robot to his father who is alone without a partner.

Starting this main scene half way through. Subsequent scenes would have acted deeper if the lonely old man had a scene like he was throbbing with chest pain and trying to call someone for help.

Iconic things like this have gone unnoticed in many places. Compliments to Aruvi’s cinematography and Zibran’s music.

In terms of acting, K.S. Ravikumar has done better. Scenes from the whole town with Kuttappa. The sewing scenes for Kuttappa are all beautiful.

But Darshan did not star in it as much as he did in Big Boss. Expression is not clean. Laslia who accompanies him is going to be a formal heroine though and can be admired. Yogi Babu and Black Pandy do not have big jobs in the story.

Yogibabu’s character is taunted and insulted throughout the film as if it were a joke. This primitive formula has long since become obsolete. This type of comedy is one of the things to avoid in a Peel Good cinema.

Adeyappa might have kept saying if Google Kuttappa was a little sincerely mindful.

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