EntertainmentHow About Nayanthara, Vignesh Shivan 6 Years Love Story

How About Nayanthara, Vignesh Shivan 6 Years Love Story

Vignesh Shivan confirmed his love by posting photos of himself with Nayantara on his social media pages. Initially the pair were articulated by haters.

Vignesh Shivan – Nayanthara marriage is currently the hot topic of Kollywood. Find out interesting things about this star couple’s 6 year love story.

Vignesh Shivan has insisted that Naanum Rowdy Dhaan cast Nayanthara in the film after writing the story.

He is a fan of Nayanthara and has got the opportunity to tell her story after many attempts. Vignesh Shivan has said in several interviews that he was a bit scared when he first saw him in person.

Nayan said OK as soon as he heard the story. Vignesh, who had been watching Nayanthara very closely during the filming, has at one point started falling in love with her.

The film was released and became a super hit. After that, Nayanthara and Vignesh often went out together and made headlines in the media.

Then they were said to be in love. But as the two remained silent, Vignesh Shivan confirmed his love by posting photos of himself with Nayanthara on his social media pages.

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Initially the pair were articulated by haters. But the couple was clear that no one’s speech would determine their life.

After that they participated in one of the many cinema shows. Then Nayanthara laughs shyly at the questions about their love. Vicky will not leave Nayanthara unappreciated on all platforms.

And Vicky has been taking care of everything necessary from Nayanthara’s selection of films to the rise of her cinema career. As well as writing songs for films, directing and producing films, he did not give up his jobs.

The entire movie world was waiting for the couple to get married when they were together in Living Together. Rumor has it that they often got into fights and broke up.

But they retaliated by posting photos of it all together and silently looking at their lives. It is a different story that many people often go on enjoying trips abroad and carry heavy loads.

Nayanthara’s market also grew as their love grew. Nayanthara has been a leading actress in South India for the last 6 years and is currently on the Bollywood side.

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He is said to be paired with Shah Rukh Khan in the Atlee-directed film Jawan. Similarly, Vignesh Shivan is directing the film with actor Ajith Kumar. This couple are the best example of what love can do.

Like Ajith – Shalini, Suriya – Jyothika duo in Kollywood, Vignesh Shivan – Nayanthara duo is currently the most favorite duo among the fans.

Nayan is getting married on June 9th as per his name. Their wedding will take place on June 9 in Mahabalipuram. Congratulations on behalf of IMAPHSY News to keep them happy for the rest of their lives with the same love.

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