EntertainmentHow is Parthiban's Iravin Nizhal film? movie review

How is Parthiban’s Iravin Nizhal film? movie review

Parthiban's new venture, Iravin Nizhal, which has shot the entire film in a single take, is slated to hit the theaters this week.

Iravin Nizhal film 2022 Review: If a boy is an orphan, R. Parthiban shows the hardships and obstacles that will happen to him in this encounter, this is the one lens of Iravin Nizhal Movie 2022.

R. Parthiban shot the film Iravin Nizhal Movie 2022 for a total of 96 minutes. He made 96 minutes of the film in one take.

In the first 30 minutes of the film, the story of the film is presented as a short collection. He has very beautifully presented the hardships of making the film and how the film came to be.

Watching it, the viewers get a good idea of ​​how the film is made. R. Parthiban has seen and done everything like screenplay, dialogues, songs and editing this time.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Robo Shankar, Priyanka Ruth, Brigida Sakha, Anandkrishnan has a great cast and has given a wonderful work.

A.R. Raghuman’s music has added strength and pride to the film Iravin Nizhal Movie 2022. An added beauty of the film is that the camera keeps moving and Rakhuman’s music is set accordingly.

R. Parthiban has showcased the songs and the dance in the same single take. Famous cinematographer Arthur Wilson, who has done cinematography for many films, has done the cinematography for Iravin Nizhal Movie 2022. His work is very important for this film.

He has to go through the entire film in a single take with the camera, and if any small mistake is made, he has to start from the beginning. He has shown this very accurately.

It was cinematographer Arthur Wilson who brought before our eyes such a work of art called Iravin Nizhal Movie 2022. Director Parthiban has guided him in the right way.

He needed 23 takes to shoot the film in one take. He has achieved the challenge of starting from the first take even if there is a small mistake.

The film may have a lot of criticism, but Tamil cinema should celebrate films like this. For that one 96-minute single shot, they have acted and directed 23 times for 96 minutes.

Not only him, but all the actors who have acted in the film have made an effort to achieve in cinema and have taken the film to success. It is doubtful if Parthiban’s Iravin Nizhal Movie 2022 will reach all audiences.

He has created the film Shadow of the Night for a world record. The people who saw the film thought that the film was a huge success. Such films should be welcomed in Tamil cinema. Tamil cinema will move to the next level with this kind of cinema.

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