EntertainmentHow is the review of Dhanush's Hollywood film The Gray Man?

How is the review of Dhanush’s Hollywood film The Gray Man?

Directed by Russo Brothers, The Gray Man is now live streaming on Netflix.

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Anthony Russo, who directed the Avengers films and became famous all over the world, directed by Joe Russo, The Gray Man is currently released on Netflix. The film stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Dhanush. Ever since the news of Dhanush’s acting in the film came out, not only in Tamil Nadu, but all over India, the anticipation for this film was high.

The news of a Tamil actor acting in a major Hollywood film took everyone by surprise. And the pictures of Dhanush with his two sons in the promotional events of this film also went viral. Dhanush attended the preview show of the film in Mumbai in a vest shirt.

The spy agency CIA takes people out of jail for major crimes and gives them special training to use them for their work. Ryan Gosling, also known as Agent Six, is also taken out and asked to kill someone. He learns that Ryan Gosling’s killer is an ex-agent and holds top secret information about the CIA.

Hero Ryan Gosling has discovered the truth and a top CIA officer plans to kill him and assigns the job to the brutal villain Chris Evans. Is confidential information leaked? What happened to Ryan Gosling? That is the story of The Gray Man.

Like the usual Hollywood films, the fight scenes in this movie The Gray Man have been shot on a grand scale. In fact, the film moves only in the fight scenes.

Both Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans are given equal screen space. Both of them have used it perfectly. The continuous flow of the film from start to finish makes you overlook even the smallest flaws in the film.

Trapped in a ditch with no way out, Ryan Gosling escapes with his belongings. His fitness is such that he accepts whatever he does.

The Gray Man is shown as taking place in several countries, and the locations are only in names and do not add any strength to the film.

Dhanush, who makes his debut as a villain, is intimidating in his fight sequences and his fight sequences are massed on par with Hollywood actors. Although Dhanush’s character starts as a villain and then turns around, the question arises as to why Dhanush is in this film after watching the film. Dhanush has acted as a Tamilian in this film.

The film does not show what he eventually becomes despite his debut as Mas. The Gray Man may be a huge disappointment for those who watch this film for Sagittarius. The camera and music are all in favor of the film. There is no doubt that The Gray Man, which is said to have been made at a cost of nearly 1500 crores, will thrill the fans of the action film.

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