EntertainmentIncome tax audit for 3rd day at Anbu Chezhiyan related places

Income tax audit for 3rd day at Anbu Chezhiyan related places

For the third day now, the Income Tax Department officials are raiding the homes of famous cinema financier Anbu Chezhiyan.

Chennai: Income Tax officials are conducting raids at his residence and office at T. Nagar Raghavaya Street, Chennai.

It has been reported that important documents and cash have been seized.

Meanwhile, the search was completed at the house of Anbuchezhian’s brother Alagarswamy in Nungampakkam Kamdar Nagar, Chennai.

The Income Tax Department officials have completed the inspection early today. It has been reported that money, gold jewelery and documents have been seized. But the search is still going on in Alagarswamy’s office at Parthasarathy Puram, D. Nagar.

Earlier, Income Tax officials were conducting raids at more than 40 places in the houses and offices belonging to Anbu Chezhiyan. Income Tax department is conducting inspection at 10 places in Chennai and 30 places in Madurai.

Yesterday, Income Tax officials raided his office in Melamasi Road, Madurai, his house in Keeratura area and Gopuram Theater in Sellur area. Similarly, the income tax department raided Anbuchezhiyan’s house in Nungampakkam Kamdar Nagar, Chennai yesterday.

In 2020, AGS Cinema Company, which produced the film, conducted an income tax audit at the premises belonging to actor Vijay and financier Anbushezhiyan based on the information that the film Bigil had collected Rs 300 crore.

Also, at that time, money was found in shackles from places belonging to Anbu Chezhiyan. 77 crores were confiscated. The Income Tax Department also released a report on tax evasion of crores.

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