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Megastar Chiranjeevi says ‘I was insulted and humiliated in Delhi; importance of Hindi cinema

Only Hindi cinema was given more prominence in the National Awards. Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi has said that he was insulted because of this.

The Cold War between Hindi and regional languages ​​has been going on in Indian cinema recently. Last week, Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan’s post on “Hindi is the national language of our country” caused a great deal of controversy.

Following this, Ajay Devgan regretted that Netizens had posted on the social networking site that India has no national language and only one official language, Hindi.

Similarly, many Hindi actors have been making objectionable comments about South Indian language films. Recently, South Indian films like RRR and Pushpa were released as ‘Pan India’ and amassed huge success.

The South Indian film industry has been saying that Hindi actors are making such comments because they cannot stand it.

Meanwhile, the press meet of the Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi starrer Acharya was held in Hyderabad yesterday. Here is what actor Chiranjeevi said:

Films in those languages ​​were once promoted to the extent that Indian cinema was once considered Hindi cinema. Although regional language films are well made, nationally it is never spoken. Speaking of which, I am reminded of the National Award winning event.

I was awarded the National Award for the film ‘Rudraveena’ released in 1988. My crew and I went to Delhi to buy the award.

At the banquet held before the festival, the stadium was decorated with only photos of Hindi movie stars. In addition, the show featured scenes from Hindi films in a special screening for Indian films.

Only photos of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR-Jayalalithaa were shown on behalf of South Indian films. There are so many talented actors in South India. Actor Tilak Shivaji Ganesan, N.D. There are numerous acting emperors like Rama Rao and Rajkumar.

They are all like God to us. But, all of them were ignored and only Hindi actors were featured in the show. I was really humiliated on that show.

But now the situation is reversed. ‘Pan India’ films like Bhagwati and RRR have made Telugu cinema proud. I feel proud after a very long time. Now I can tell Marthatti that I am in Telugu cinema.

Today, Telugu cinema has become a part of Indian cinema, breaking down the barriers created in Indian cinema. Everyone is amazed at our success. Thus spoke Chiranjeevi.

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