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Nenjukku Needhi Movie Review Udhayanidhi Stalin

Nenjukku Needhi is the story of a police officer who sets out to find the cause of the mysterious death of two Dalit girls and a missing girl.

Nenjukku Needhi is the story of a police officer who sets out to find the cause of the mysterious death of two Dalit girls and a missing girl.

Vijayaragavan (Udayanithi) is in charge of ASP in Pollachi. Having studied and grown up abroad and working as a police officer in India, the caste strata come as a surprise and shock to him.

Two Dalit girls mysteriously die in the town. Their corpses are found hanging from a tree. But the dominant castes are politicizing without making the actual autopsy report available.

Co-workers also refuse to co-operate without speeding up the investigation. The screenplay answers questions such as what ASP Vijayarajan is doing in this situation, whether he has been able to find the answer to the mysterious death, whether he has been able to find the missing girl, and who is suffering from problems within the caste strata.

Director Arunraja Kamaraj has succeeded in capturing the emotions of Article 15 Hindi film without destroying the soul.

Praise him for being honest with the creation without lifting the actor for gain in future politics and without building the image of an adventure hero.

This is the 12th film for Udayanidhi. In the 10 years he has been in the film industry he has given a perfect performance in a film that speaks to social justice. He gives impressions of a good actor in all aspects of body language, verse and vision. Man, Nimir, Kanne Kalaimane, Psycho is more advanced than the acting in the films.

Tanya Ravichandran is the supporting cast for the film. Semma is portrayed as a heroine who guides and instructs the hero instead of the usual heroine. Suresh Chakraborty and Prince have both given magnificent performances.

Ari Arjunan has played the role of a militant without any flaws. Ratchasan Saravanan, Shivani Rajasekar, Ramesh Tilak and Myilsamy fulfill the purpose of the character.

Dinesh Krishnan’s cinematography captures the two dimensions of the rural environment. Both Yugabarathi’s Sevakattu and Enge Nithi in Thibu Nainan Thomas’ music add depth to the story of the film.

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The background music helps to travel close to the story without interruption. A striking example of Ruben’s editing prowess. The verses have added great strength to the film.

Article 15 would have given a more intimate feel if the heroine had been portrayed as a Dalit woman or a field activist, even though the film was largely adapted.

Ari Arjunan may have avoided leaving the character with such a decision. For those who take such a risk in public life, the outcome becomes the illusion of a negative outcome.

Dr. Arunraja Kamaraj, the director who recorded and questioned the work of the director Arunrajya Kamaraj, who recorded and questioned the plight of the fecal men, the attitude of the dominant castes who dumped Dalit women in the trash without eating it, the dumping of Hindi, the bilingual policy, the view that Ambedkar was still the leader of the caste system, and the misunderstanding of reservation; Has registered her social concern through.

Justice will help this chest to eliminate the inequalities that exist in the caste strata and to promote equality as a point in which we too. Your conscience will shake you. Will lead to the growth of an egalitarian society.

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