EntertainmentNetflix 'The Chosen One' 2 Actors Died on Mexico Car Accident

Netflix ‘The Chosen One’ 2 Actors Died on Mexico Car Accident

Two Netflix Actors Killed on Car Crash at Mexico

Netflix Popular Actor Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar killed in Car Crash at Mexico who is recently acting on Netflix ‘The Chosen One’. Also 6 More injured on this accident on friday.

Several actors and crew members of the upcoming Netflix series The Chosen One were involved in a horrific car accident in Mexico on Thursday, June 16th.

Two actors, Raymondo Cardono Cruz and Juan Francisco Gonzalez Aguilar, were killed and six unidentified actors and actresses were injured in the crash, according to the Baja California Ministry of Culture.

As they were traveling in the van on their way to the airport in Mexico, the van overturned on time. Redrum, the series’ production company, has suspended production and said the condition of the six injured, two other actors and four crew members is “satisfactory”.

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Different from the Brazilian thriller show, it is based on the American Jesus comic book series by The Chosen One, Mark Miller and Peter Cross.

It follows the 12-year-old boy who was destined to save mankind and discover that he is the returning Jesus Christ. The eagle came to Netflix to comment on the car accident.

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