EntertainmentRK Suresh Visithiran Movie Review How is the Film?

RK Suresh Visithiran Movie Review How is the Film?

The fairy tale is the story that brings to light the fraudulent organ donation scam taking place in the hospital.

Director Padmakumar has created the central story of the film to take place in Valparai, Pollachi district. Actor R.K. Suresh has been living alone at home since he volunteered for retirement from being a police officer in the film. Malayalam actress Shamna Kasim plays actor Suresh’s wife.

The shocked hero who witnessed the sudden death of Suresh’s ex-girlfriend thinks to stay away from his wife. Thus rather than his wife divorcing him, Suresh stays with his daughter.

Suresh, who is more frustrated than his daughter died in an accident, donates body parts to tell the hospital management that his ex-wife suddenly had a hemorrhoid.

This is not Suresh’s accident. The screenplay goes on to say that what happened was a premeditated murder and that Suresh’s attempts to prove the killer in support of the killer by discovering that his daughter had been murdered for organ transplants like this, and the challenges and investigations involved.

Padmakumar’s previous Malayalam directorial venture ‘Joseph’ was a huge success and the same director has directed it again in Tamil. Vetri Vel Mahendran cinematography is well visualized. That too adds extra beauty to the film.

Satish Surya has done a very good job of editing the film. Bhagwati Perumal, Prince, George Marion, Anil Murali, Pandi Ravi, etc. have added their strengths to the film.

The film is a theoretical depiction of how a police officer investigates and finds the killer. GV Prakash composed the music for the film. The reality is that the songs in the film are not up to par. The background music keeps us united within the film.

If you ask me if there is a film like Joseph in Malayalam, I can say no. Because, Joseph’s film goes fast, but in Tamil it moves very patiently without being Visithiran.

For those who have seen Malayalam before, the film in Tamil will cause a slight slump. RK Suresh’s intense acting is commendable and he has done a lot of hard work for that role. The biggest business today is medicine and the industries around it.

But we are shocked by these organ theft cases that are being shown to occur in this medical field that is supposed to save human lives. The medical mafia story is very elegantly presented as a thriller story. Overall, the fairy tale may attract audiences looking for an emotional thriller.

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