EntertainmentSinger Robbie Williams wearing wife Ayda inner wear Bra

Singer Robbie Williams wearing wife Ayda inner wear Bra

It is not possible to say what will go viral on social media right now. Numerous photos and videos are going viral every day in this vast social media circle. Here is a new video. This video is very popular even among those who do not know any context. (Singer Robbie Williams to wear wifes bra on stage because of bizarre reason)

The occasion is the celebrity couple that appears here. Popular singer Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field recently did an Insta Live.

In the live, Ayda Field was seen giving information about some clothes. At one point, she began to inform Bra. She explained all about the fabric, the sewing, the method, and then everyone was shocked to see what her husband had done.

Because Ayda Field’s husband, the singer Robbie Williams, put the undergarment on her hand and everyone’s eyes were fixed on it.

This live performance by Ayda Field went viral. He also received numerous comments and reactions.

It is also avoided to talk about things where there are some shortcomings. That’s where these celebrity congregations can be easily seen breaking some windows. Whatever the reason, their mentality must be appreciated.

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