EntertainmentSouth Indian Actors Who have Own Private Jet

South Indian Actors Who have Own Private Jet

South artists who have their own private jet.

The artists of South Indian cinema have their own charm. His films are watched at Pan India level.

Movies like ‘Pushpa’, ‘RRR’, ‘Beast’ and ‘KFG 2’ have made Hindi audiences crazy too. The popularity of South’s artists is also not hidden from anyone.

Talking about hobbies and lifestyle, South stars are not behind Bollywood actors. Today we will introduce you to those South artists who have their own private jet.

Allu Arjun

The first name in this list is of ‘Pushpa’ hero Allu Arjun . After working in this film, his popularity increased tremendously.

Allu has his own private jet and has been seen traveling in private jet with family on several occasions. Many pictures of his private jet have also surfaced.

Allu’s lifestyle is quite high profile and he likes to live freely.


Who does not know the veteran actor Prabhas of South? Through ‘Bahubali’, Prabhas has made a strong inroads among the Hindi audience. He also likes to live a luxury life.

He spends a lot of money for his hobby. He also has his own private jet. According to the news, Prabhas uses this jet for professional trips.

He likes to ride his jet whenever he goes out.

Junior NTR

Jr NTR has left an indelible mark on the hearts of the audience through the Pan India film ‘RRR’. His performance in this film was highly appreciated.

According to the report, NTR has his own private jet. The cost of this private jet has been estimated at Rs 80 crore.

There are many types of facilities in this jet of theirs, which are used by NTR. He lives his life like a royal prince.


The name of the veteran actor of South Indian cinema, Rajinikanth is included in this episode. He has established his coin from South to Bollywood as well.

Despite a long career, his shine has not faded even today.

Very few people know that they also have their own private jet. It is said that Rajinikanth uses this jet to settle personal and professional work.

Mahesh babu

Mahesh Babu is one of those artists of South, whose fan following is not less in Bollywood. Mahesh likes a life of luxury. He lives in a very luxurious house.

According to the news, he also has a jet, which he uses frequently. Pictures of his jet have also surfaced. He likes to travel with his family in it.

Through this, he sometimes travels on professional tours.


Famous actress Nayantara ‘s hobbies are also no less expensive. He also has a jet of his own. This jet has been bought by Nayantara herself.

Nayanthara and producer Vignesh Shivan are often seen traveling in this jet. They travel on their own private jets for holidays and family vacations.

Let us tell you that Nayantara and Vignesh are dating each other for a long time and the discussion of their marriage is also going on.

Ram Charan

Ram Charan has made his presence felt in the film ‘RRR’. In this SS Rajamouli film, he appeared in lead roles along with NTR.

Ram is the owner of a private jet. He travels in this jet with family and enjoys the holidays.

Pictures of his private jet keep going viral on social media. Fans are very excited to see the pictures of his jet on social media.

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