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EntertainmentWhy & How Bengali Actress Pallavi Dey Suicide? Last Moments of Her...

Why & How Bengali Actress Pallavi Dey Suicide? Last Moments of Her Life at 21 Age!

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Kolkata: Pallavi Dey, who is famous for starring in various serials, is said to have lived in the same house with Sagnik Chakraborty in ‘Living Together’ style.

It has been reported that he committed suicide by hanging himself on a fan in the house.

His body has been sent for autopsy and an investigation is underway into whether he committed suicide or committed suicide. Sognik Chakraborty is also being investigated.

The mysterious death of Pallavi Dey has come as a shock to the iconic community in the state.

Last Moment and Last Smile of Pallavi


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Why & How Bengali Actress Pallavi Dey Suicide?

One after another information is coming up about the death of Bengali tele actress Pallavi Dey. Although the initial autopsy report mentioned suicide, Pallavi’s father Nilu Dey could not accept it from his heart. He repeatedly says that his daughter cannot commit suicide. Pallavi’s family is repeatedly raising the theory of murder.

Preliminary reports from Pallavi Dey’s autopsy came out on Sunday evening, suggesting the incident was a suicide. An autopsy was conducted on Pallavi’s body at Katapukur morgue.

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Based on that report, the initial guess of the police is that Pallavi Dey has committed suicide. However, the police are investigating whether there was any motive behind his suicide. Pallavi’s live-in partner Sagnik is being interrogated from time to time.

In front of the media, Pallavi’s father claimed that Sagnik was married. Not divorced yet. In the meantime, he was living-in with his daughter. Pallavi’s father claimed that he did not even tell Pallavi about the marriage at first. They found out six months ago. Pallavi’s father said, “When I talked to Sagnik about this, he said he had applied for a divorce.

” Sagnik also used to beat Pallavi, this was also claimed by Pallavi’s father. They saw the scars on the girl’s body. Although Yagnik’s mother claimed, the marriage was announced from the beginning. He also had objections about the boy’s leave-in.


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