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HealthButter vs Ghee Which of the two is better and more Healthy?

Butter vs Ghee Which of the two is better and more Healthy?

Eating more foods made with butter and ghee will not only increase body weight but also increase cholesterol levels.

Physicians and nutritionists recommend avoiding both butter and ghee as products that are high in fat and high in calories. Eating more foods made with butter and ghee in particular can not only lead to weight gain but also increase cholesterol levels.

Thus there is also a risk of heart attacks. At the same time butter and ghee are not trans fat foods. These also contain healthy fats.

This is why both ghee and butter have been used as food to nourish the body since ancient times. Many people are skeptical about which butter and ghee are the healthiest and which can be used the most.

Adding ghee instead of butter in cooking can cause a significant change in taste. So here’s what’s best to use when it comes to butter and ghee.

Nutrients in butter and ghee

Ghee can be said to be a storehouse of nutrients. At the same time butter is high in nutrients. The amount of nutrients in ghee is high compared to both.

Contains both Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Calcium.


It is customary to add ghee to the daily diet to help children grow up healthy and strong. Ghee contains a cancer-fighting acid called CLA. It can prevent not only cancer but also cardiovascular disease.

As well as the free radicals in the avocado helps to keep the cells in the body relaxed and healthy from the inside out. Avocados help prevent vision problems and prevent breast and stomach cancer.

High in Calories and Fats

The fat content of ghee is higher than that of butter. So it also has more calories. But the difference in calories is not large when comparing the two. A tablespoon of ghee has 102 calories and a tablespoon of butter has 102 calories.

Lactose intolerance

Although both ghee and butter are made from milk, ghee is the end product of milk. So ghee contains less milk protein.

People who are allergic to dairy products and suffer from lactose intolerance can eat ghee instead of butter.

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Butter or ghee for cooking?

Adding butter is especially suitable for desserts when baking. Ghee would be a great choice to enhance the taste and aroma of spicy foods as well!

There is no significant difference between ghee and butter. You can use ghee or butter to your liking.

But since both have high calories, consuming less can help you not gain weight and keep your cholesterol levels under control.

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