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Covid-19 Recovery Diet: Know what to eat and what not to recover from corona

Covid 19 Recovery Diet: Diet is very important in recovery from corona virus infection. Nutritious food removes weakness and immunity will be strong. Which will help in corona recovery

Covid 19 Recovery Diet: Corona virus has completely changed the lives of people. Due to the fear of Corona, people have also made a lot of changes in their food and drink. To avoid corona, it is very important to have strong immunity. If the immunity is strong then it can fight against any infection.

Therefore, there is a need to be very alert about your food and drink. Corona infection has again gained momentum in the country. The number of active cases has reached 91,579. Active cases have become 0.21 percent of the total infection.

In such a situation, if you have also become infected with corona, then apart from isolating yourself, you also need to take special care of your diet. Let us know what nutritionists are advising to eat after getting infected and in recovery time and what things they are asking to avoid.

What to eat to recover fast from corona

According to health experts, during the recovery period, food should be light and nutritious. Food should be such that it contains vitamin C, D, minerals and zinc. This will speed up your recovery. Corona patients must eat dry fruits daily. Eat fiber rich things in breakfast. Like porridge, things made from ragi etc.

This will keep your stomach clean. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and you can also drink coconut water. Eat jaggery and ghee in lunch or after meals. You can also eat jaggery and ghee with roti. This keeps the body warm and strengthens immunity.

Include these in your meals too

Include protein-rich things like chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, soybeans and almonds in the diet. Due to this the muscles recover faster. A good amount of protein is found in it. Consume vegetables and fruits daily. They provide vitamins and minerals to the body.

By eating all types of fruits and vegetables, different types of vitamins and minerals go into the body. Drink turmeric milk every night. This will strengthen your immunity. Antibiotic elements are found in turmeric which is beneficial for the body.

What not to eat

To recover quickly from corona, do not consume more fat and oily things at all. In such a situation, avoid things like red meat, butter or cream. Do not consume high sodium foods in food at all. During corona infection, excessively sweet, cold and spicy things should not be consumed at all.

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