HealthDoing this for sudden flatulence will provide immediate relief

Doing this for sudden flatulence will provide immediate relief

Flatulence can be due to the obstruction created by the cancerous growth. Eating large amounts of fried and fried products causes stomach upset. If gas comes out with symptoms such as bloating and indigestion to the extent that it interferes with daily activities, it is necessary to regulate the type of food we consume.

Flatulence can be due to the obstruction created by the bacteria in the gut. One of the causes of gas is the destruction of the beneficial bacteria that live in the gut. It is difficult to sleep peacefully if you have stomach problems. So if you want to get relief through home remedies, be sure to use these items kept in the kitchen.

1. Mint : Put mint leaves in a glass of water and leave it for a while and drink it several times a day. Thus staying cool in the stomach and not causing bloating problem in the stomach.

2. Cardamom : Soak small cardamom and drink an hour after eating. This will give great relief to the stomach.

3. Fennel : First, fry the fennel in a pan over low heat and eat after meals. Doing so will keep your stomach from bloating.

4. Ajwain : About 30 minutes after eating, mix half a teaspoon of Ajwain seeds in warm water and drink. Due to its consumption, gas is not formed in the stomach.

Beans, Peas, Lentils, Legumes, Beans, Soybeans, Cabbage, Onions, Cauliflower, Cashews, Nuts, Bananas, Potatoes, Zucchini, Cassava, Sugar, Chocolate, Cake, Biscuits, Popcorn, Fruit Pocketed spicy foods, such as meat, eggs, milk, dairy products such as milk alva, bulgogi, and cheese, as well as any food you eat that seems to increase gas, should be minimized as much as possible.

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on home remedies and general information. Be sure to seek medical advice before accepting it. IMAPHSY MEDIA is not responsible for this.)

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