HealthHow important is it to urinate immediately after sex?

How important is it to urinate immediately after sex?

You must know the importance of urinating immediately after intercourse.

Many people believe that urinating after sex can reduce the risk of a UTI. So let’s know all the important things related to it.

You may have heard many people say that it is very important to urinate after sex. It is believed that urinating after intercourse removes all the bacteria from the body. It is said to prevent urinary tract infections. But is peeing after sex really good, and can it prevent urinary tract infections? Let’s find out.

Can I pee after sex?

There is no need to urinate after sex. But urinating like that is useful. By urinating after intercourse, UTIs can be largely avoided. A urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria enter your bladder through the urethra.

In women, the urethra is much smaller than in men, due to which bacteria can easily enter their bladder. Urinating after intercourse flushes out all the bacteria in the body. However, it is a good way to avoid UTI.

As a woman, if you are at high risk of getting a UTI, urinating after sex may be more beneficial for you. Even if you’re not at risk of a UTI, peeing after sex won’t harm you. But urinating after sex does not benefit men. Because men have a longer urinary tract, the risk of urinary tract infections is also less.

After how long should you urinate?

Urinate within 30 minutes after intercourse. By doing this, the risk of UTI can be avoided.

Can urinating prevent pregnancy?

If you think that peeing after sex can prevent pregnancy, you are wrong. Genitalia and urethra are completely different. Urine flows out of the urethra. In such a situation, when the urine comes out of the urethra, it does not make any difference in the genital area. Once the sperm enters the vagina during intercourse, it cannot come back. Once inside the genitals, the sperm begins the job of fertilizing the eggs.

What to do to conceive?

If you are planning a pregnancy, many medical experts recommend not getting up for a few minutes after intercourse. By lying down for a while, the sperms can easily enter the uterus. Lie down for a maximum of 5 minutes. After that you can urinate.

If you do not urinate after sex?

If you do not urinate after intercourse, it does not cause any harm. But the risk of urinary tract infection can be avoided. Retention of urine after intercourse or in other situations increases the risk of urinary tract infection. If you are experiencing recurrent UTI problem, it is important to visit your doctor.

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