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HealthOmicron: Pain is increasing parts of body, be careful, these signs of...

Omicron: Pain is increasing parts of body, be careful, these signs of being vulnerable to Covid

Symptoms of corona virus are no longer just symptoms like cold, fever. Some such symptoms have come to the fore. Due to which the tension of the people is increasing.

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The corona infection epidemic has again gained momentum in the country. New corona infected patients are increasing rapidly. Meanwhile, new variants of Corona are being born. Due to which the tension of the countrymen is increasing.

Let us inform that the corona epidemic is no longer limited to just cold, fever and cold. Some such symptoms have come to the fore. Due to which people’s problems can increase. If the pain in the muscles and head is increasing in the body, then these can also be the initial symptoms of corona.

In fact, in many European countries, the corona virus epidemic still remains a cause of devastation. Here, in many states of India too, corona infection is spreading rapidly. States like Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal are becoming strongholds of Corona.


Headache is becoming an important symptom of corona virus. A study says that very few people know that headache is one of the early symptoms of corona virus. This pain can last for 3-5 days.

Headache in covid can be mildly severe. It feels like someone is hitting the head. This headache is not cured even by pain killers. That is why it is very important to be vigilant about corona virus.

Muscle pain

These days the havoc of the corona virus variant Omicron continues in the country. Many people are facing complaints of muscle pain. Pain is felt in legs and shoulders. This pain is also considered an early symptom of Covid-19. It can also result from weakness and exhaustion. Muscle pain can last for 2-3 days.

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Like headache, this is also an early sign of Covid-19. However, apart from Covid-19, it can also be a sign of some other problem.


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