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HealthUric Acid Be sure to avoid these foods if you have problems...

Uric Acid Be sure to avoid these foods if you have problems with increased

Common problems caused by an increase in Uric Acid include pain in the feet, swelling, stiffness, ankle pain, pain in the calves, and pain in the knees and joints.

Uric acid is a chemical produced when the body breaks down substances called purines. Purines are commonly produced in the body and are also found in some foods and beverages.

Foods rich in purines include mutton liver, anchovies, dried beans, peas and beer. Most of the uric acid dissolves in the blood and reaches the kidneys. The kidney filters it and excretes it from the body through the urine.

When the body produces too much uric acid or the body does not get rid of it enough, the level of uric acid in the body starts to increase. High levels of uric acid in the blood are called hyperuricemia. Increasing the level of uric acid in the body can cause many problems in the body.

Common problems caused by an increase in uric acid include pain in the feet, swelling, stiffness, ankle pain, pain in the calves, and pain in the knees and joints. Increased uric acid is detected by a blood test. Increased uric acid increases the risk of diabetes and kidney problems.

It is very important for people with uric acid problem to eat right. Some foods increase uric acid levels rapidly. It is therefore important to stay away from them. We know what to avoid to control uric acid.

Avoid certain types of meat

If uric acid levels rise rapidly, avoid certain types of meat. Since most meats are high in purines, consuming them can lead to an increase in uric acid. Consumption of meat and fish increases uric acid.

It is better to avoid yogurt

Patients with high uric acid intake should avoid yogurt. Yogurt is rich in protein. This will increase uric acid. The trans fat in it increases the level of uric acid in the body.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing uric acid. Drinking alcohol can make you more dehydrated. Ingestion of this increases the level of uric acid in the body. This occurs because the kidneys filter out alcohol instead of filtering out uric acid and other wastes. This leads to an increase in uric acid.

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Avoid both types of cabbage

If you are a person who loves to eat cabbage and cauliflower and you have uric acid problem, change this habit immediately. Cabbage and cauliflower increase uric acid faster. The amount of purine in them is very high. Due to this the level of uric acid in the body starts to increase and there is a risk of arthritis.

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on home remedies and general information. Be sure to seek medical advice before following through. Zee Media has not confirmed this information.)

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