HealthWatery Eyes: Do you keep getting water in your eyes? sign of...

Watery Eyes: Do you keep getting water in your eyes? sign of a big mistake

Watery Eyes Reasons: Many people have constant watering in their eyes, due to which they have to face a lot of problems. If you are also one of those people who are ignoring the problem of watery eyes then it can be dangerous. Therefore, know the reason for water or tears in the eyes.

Tears play many important roles in the body. They retain the necessary moisture in your eyes and help in washing away the particles-dust. Tears are also a part of the immune system that protects you from infection. Tears are made in the glands under the skin of the eyelids, which contain water and salt.

When you blink, the tears spread in the eye, due to which the moisture in the eyes remains. Other glands produce oil that prevents tears from evaporating too fast or leaking out of your eyes.

Tears usually drain through the tear ducts and then evaporate. But when someone gets too many tears, they clog the tear ducts and cause more water in the eyes. Watery eyes, also known as epiphora or tearing, is a condition in which tears or water come from the eyes continuously. If someone rubs the eye vigorously when water comes, then his eye also becomes red.

In most of the cases, watery eyes stop without treatment, but sometimes there are conditions due to which watery eyes keep on coming. This is a fairly common problem. If your eyes are watering for a long time and the eyes are turning red, then the doctor should be seen. There can be some reasons for the continuous tears in the eyes. So let’s also know about the reasons that cause more water or tears in the eyes.

Dry Eyes

If enough tears are not being produced in someone’s eye, then the eye dries up quickly. In such a situation, the correct balance of water and oil is not formed in the eye. The reason for this condition can range from air to medical condition. That’s why sometimes the eye suddenly indicates dryness by expelling more water.


This is a common reason for watery eyes in both children and adults. In this condition the eyes may become pink or red and may also feel itchy and prickly. Infection with bacteria or virus is the most important cause of pinkeye. Viral infections do not require treatment but may require antibiotic eye drops.


Watery, itchy eyes often come with cough, runny nose and other allergy symptoms. But it is also quite common to have eye allergies due to some reason. Therefore, take special care of the cleanliness of the eyes.

Blocked Tear Duct

Tears flow out from the tear glands above the eye. After release from the glands, the tears spread on the surface of the pupil and go into the ducts made in the corner. If these ducts are blocked, then tears are formed but cannot come out. Many things can cause problems like infection, injury, even old age.

Our eyelids act like windshield wipers. When we blink, they spread tears in the eyes and that sheds the excess moisture. But sometimes they are not able to work properly. If the eyelids bend inwards, they cause rubbing of the pupil of the eye, which is called entropion. Due to this water starts coming from the eyes. If your eyelids are tilted inward, then surgery may be needed for this.

Scratches on the eye

Dirt, dust and contact lenses can scratch the pupil and cornea. If this happens, water starts coming from the eyes because it is a very sensitive part. However, these bruises usually get better in 1 or 2 days. It is important to see a doctor if you have a corneal bruise.

Eyelash Problems

Just as eyebrow hairs grow in the wrong direction, sometimes eyelashes can also grow in the wrong direction. If this happens, they cause rubbing in the eyes and tears start coming from them.


This condition causes swelling in your eyelids. In this condition, there is pricking in the eyes, water comes, the eyes are red, crust starts to form. The reason for this can be allergies and infection.

Other Benefits

Watery eyes can occur due to several medical conditions such as Bell’s palsy, Sjogren’s syndrome, chronic sinus infection, thyroid problems and rheumatoid arthritis. If you have frequent watery eyes, see a doctor.

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