HealthWhat Can be Done to Prevent Breast Cancer?

What Can be Done to Prevent Breast Cancer?

Women should have a mammogram once a year to prevent breast cancer. A lot of people are searching about How to Prevent, Cure, Avoid, Check, Identify, Symptoms, Awareness, Treatment on the internet. First of all to avoid this disease has to check yearly once for mammogram test.

The number of people suffering from breast cancer is rising significantly. The disease is more common in women than ever before in the elderly. But recently, young women are also experiencing similar vulnerabilities. Even women over the age of 30 can be found to be suffering from breast cancer.

Breast cancer is more prevalent among women in metropolitan areas. There are various factors that contribute to the development of cancer. If the mother or sister has the first of these, they are more likely to get breast cancer if they take high doses of hormone pills for physical ailments.

Apart from these, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and eating high fat diets also increase the risk of breast cancer.

Women should be aware of the ‘self breast exam’ which is done once a month to check their breasts themselves. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience any other symptoms such as swelling of the chest, excessive contraction of the skin of the breast, or bleeding in the breast. after that. An X-ray, a mammogram, can detect new changes in the breast with a small amount of radiation.

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Even if there are no tumors in the breast, the test can show signs of tumors and changes in calcium levels. This will help in early detection and treatment of the disease. Women over the age of fifty are required to have a mammogram at least once a year.

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