HealthWhat happens if you eat too much banana, must know

What happens if you eat too much banana, must know

Banana is a favorite fruit of children and adults alike. Most people eat bananas all year round. Do you know what are its side effects? Find out some incredible things like this here.

You have often seen having bananas in the fruit basket at home. Fruits are the first name that comes to mind when you say banana. Bananas are very popular with people of all ages. It is very tasty and contains many nutrients. Some people also like to shake and drink bananas.

Similarly, those who go to the gym often drink banana shake. Did you know that eating too much banana can make you sick? Be sure to read this message if you find it strange while listening to it.

Nutrients in bananas

In addition to the nutrients in bananas, in addition to vitamin-A, vitamin-B and magnesium, there are also vitamin-C, potassium and vitamin-B6, thiamine, riboflavin.

Bananas are 64.3 percent water, 1.3 percent protein, and 24.7 percent carbohydrates. These are very essential for our body.

4 major disadvantages of eating too much banana

1. If you suffer from migraine, you should eat less bananas. In fact, bananas contain a substance called tyramine, which can aggravate the problem of migraine headaches. Some people may be allergic to bananas. Such people should avoid consuming this.

2. Bananas are rich in potassium. Excessive intake of this can lead to excess potassium in the blood, which can lead to the problem of hyperkaemia, which can sometimes lead to heart attack. Due to the high content of starch in bananas, consuming bananas can also cause dental problems.

3. Excessive consumption of bananas can lead to weight gain. If you are trying to lose weight, you should not consume it. Bananas are high in calories, which will increase your weight. If you eat bananas, you need to exercise to stay physically healthy.

4. Because bananas are high in natural sugars, diabetics should avoid eating bananas. Eating large amounts of bananas can raise blood sugar, which can cause you problems.

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on home remedies and general information. Be sure to seek medical advice before accepting it. IMAPHSY Media is not responsible for this.)

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