IndiaAP Repalle gangrape issue State Minister Taneti Vanitha, said - there was...

AP Repalle gangrape issue State Minister Taneti Vanitha, said – there was no intention of rape

The incident of gang-rape of a 25-year-old pregnant woman at Repalle railway station in Andhra Pradesh has not stopped yet, that the state’s newly appointed Home Minister Taneti Vanitha has created a new controversy by giving a controversial statement on this.

In the case of gang rape , the Home Minister said that the accused in the incident did not intend to rape the woman, but it happened under unforeseen circumstances. Now his statement is being strongly criticized.

Three drunken accused had committed the gang rape incident

On May 1, the victim woman was traveling from Guntur to Krishna with her husband and three children at Repalle railway station in Bapatla district.

The family was sleeping on a bench of the station when three drunk youths woke them up and started beating the victim’s husband.

When the woman protested, the accused dragged her from the station and took her behind the bushes. There the accused raped one by one and left her unconscious.

Mason works couple

According to media reports, the woman and her husband are originally from Prakasam district and work as masons. Both were on their way to their destination by train when a bus was not available for Avanigadda in Krishna district.

Police arrested all three accused

The police, who reached the information of the incident, after registering the case, had formed several search teams to nab the accused and checked the vehicles by blocking all the roads leading out of Repalle.

State Health and Family Welfare Minister V Rajani spoke to the district police chief in the matter and directed him to take strict action. After that the police had nabbed the three accused within a few hours.

The accused had no intention of rape – Home Minister

Home Minister Vanitha on Wednesday attributed the rape incidents to psychological condition and poverty and said on the incident at Repalle railway station, “The accused did not intend to rape. The accused were drunk and the attack was intended to rob the victim’s husband.” happened from.”

“When the woman intervened, the accused pushed her away and took her to the side. In such situations some things happen in unexpected ways,” he said.

“The incident did not happen due to lack of police”

Home Minister Vanitha said, “The woman tried to stop the attack on the husband and then some things happened in an unexpected way. So the incident is not related to the lack of adequate railway police force. As far as the lack of police is concerned. The question is, this is not correct.”

He further added, “More CCTV cameras will be installed at railway stations. This will prevent such incidents in future. It is not right to blame the police entirely.”

TDP criticized the statement of the Home Minister

Home Minister Vanitha’s such statement is being strongly criticized. The state’s opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) objected to the statement, terming it completely irresponsible. The party said that such a statement on incidents like gangrape is not appropriate.

Before this incident, on April 16, a woman from Maharashtra was raped by two accused at Gurjala railway station.

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