IndiaApril 1 Fools' Day History Why People Celebrating April 1 Fool's Day?

April 1 Fools’ Day History Why People Celebrating April 1 Fool’s Day?

April Fools Day 2022 Many people in India are celebrating Fools' Day.

From today, April 1, until the 31st of March next year is the fiscal year. Accordingly, companies will launch the new account today.

At the same time, April 1st is considered Fools Day. Through Gaelic melody and teasing, they engage in deceptive activities. There are various histories for this.

In 1582, the Gregorian calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII. Accordingly, the New Year begins on January 1st. The New Year is celebrated at the end of March, according to the Julian calendar followed earlier.

It is said that after the implementation of the Gregorian calendar, people began to celebrate April Fool’s Day.

France was the first country to adopt this calendar change in 1582, after various countries refused to accept it. Consequently, those who refused to accept the new calendar were considered fools.

To celebrate Stupid Day, they would stick paper-made fish on someone’s back. This is called the April fish. Fools’ Day is celebrated in a similar way in France.

Ancient Rome also has historical records of Fools’ Day in April. In those days the public had a habit of making fun of disguised, peers.

It is said that during this Fools’ Day, which is celebrated for two days in Scotland, a paper with the words’ Paper Tail ‘or’ Kick Me ‘is pasted on the backs of friends.

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In the day of the fools in Brazil, it was customary to deceive friends by telling humorous lies. Although there is no holiday for Fools’ Day in any country, only the Middle Eastern country of Cyprus treats April 1 as a public holiday.

Similarly, in the city of Odessa in Ukraine is observed as an official holiday. Many people in India are also celebrating Fools’ Day.

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