IndiaBathroom plants ideas to reduce smell in restroom

Bathroom plants ideas to reduce smell in restroom

How To Maintain Your Bathroom: Does Your Home Bathroom Look Beautiful? Follow these tips.

Your bathroom will be damp and messy after coming out of the shower. Humidity can cause your bathroom to stink. However for many people cleaning the bathroom daily is an impossible task.

They will want to buy some electrical dehumidifier for this. The dehumidifier is used to reduce the amount of moisture in the air, to remove odors, and to prevent the growth of fungi. It works by extracting water from the air.

However bathroom plants are the best choice instead of dehumidifier to absorb moisture. Yes, we can keep plants in our bathroom, just like growing plants in pots outdoors or indoors. Here are some bathroom plants that absorb moisture.

Azalea: This plant is purple, pink, red or white with beautiful flowers. It is naturally warm and moist. So Azalea works best if you provide morning sunlight to this plant especially in your bathroom.

Keep in a well-drained container and pour water regularly, especially during the hot summer months. Potted azaleas do not grow large, only grow slowly.

Boston fern: This is a beautiful tropical plant. This Boston fern thrives in wet weather so it will easily absorb the moisture in your bathroom.

Peace lily: Peace lily is another good looking bathroom plant. Its leaves are used to absorb moisture from the air and remove toxins from the surroundings. Watering is sufficient only when the soil is dry, especially when the leaves of the plant begin to wither.

Spider Plant: This is one of the most adaptable plants. Effectively removes air pollutants and moisture. Grows well in moist, low-light environments. The indoor hanging basket is a great choice to keep and grow.

Tillandsia: The Tillandsia plant absorbs moisture from the air through its leaves. This is a fantastic choice of bathroom plants. Because you don’t have to dirty your hands with dirt to grow this. It is enough if you soak it in tap water for a few minutes every week. It does not require much sunlight.

Begonia: Begonia is a broad species with about 1,800 plant species. These grow well in hot, humid bathrooms as they usually grow well in pots. Helps to remove damp air in the bathroom.

Snake Plant: Do not be afraid to look at the name of this hole. This is actually one of the best plants to put in your bathroom. It not only absorbs excess moisture, but also filters out common household toxins such as formaldehyde.

Cyclamen: This will definitely enhance your bathroom experience. In addition to being eye-catching, it reduces the amount of moisture and refreshes the air you breathe.

Philodendron: This plant is native to the tropics. Some varieties can grow up to 8 feet, so be sure to choose the right one for your bathroom size.

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