IndiaBlack Hole Sound Recorded of the Perseus Galaxy Cluster

Black Hole Sound Recorded of the Perseus Galaxy Cluster

Do you know how the Black Hole sounds? Nettisans say horror film music.

The Nettisans were shocked even though the sound of the black hole was amazing. Moreover, they say that there is a skull in the video.

Since 2003, NASA has been publishing information about the black hole in the Center for the Persius Galaxy Cluster. It is 240 million light years away from Earth.

Astronomers have discovered the ripples in thermal gas, which can be translated into the sound of pressure from the blacksmiths related to the sound.

Humans cannot hear the sound of up to 57 octaves below C. Now a new Sonfigation is bringing more reference to this. This new Sonifigation is the sounding machine.

The video, which translates astronomical data into sound, was released for the week of NASA’s Black Hole this year.

This is not the same as that of this Sonifigation before (1, 2, 3, 4), which works differently. This reviews the real sound waves invented in data from NASA’s Chandra X -ray laboratory.

In this new Sonifigation of Persius, the sound waves that the astronomers had previously found has been extracted and made it possible. For the first time, other than the Persius Galaxy Cluster, the new Sonfigition of another popular blackberry has been released.

The popular misconception that there is no sound in space is that most places are basically a vacuum, so that no media provides the spread of sound waves.

There is plenty of gases in a galaxy cluster that cover hundreds or thousands of galaxies, providing a media to travel to sound waves.

The Nattisans were shocked by the sound of the black hole.

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