IndiaChennai double murder looted 8 KG Gold jewelery recovered

Chennai double murder looted 8 KG Gold jewelery recovered

8000 Grams jewelery recovered from persons arrested in Chennai double murder case

Chennai: Srikanth (60) His wife Anuradha (55) hails from Dwarka Colony, Brindavan Nagar, Mylapore, Chennai.

Business tycoon Srikanth and Anuradha left for their daughter’s home in the US and returned to Chennai yesterday morning.

In this situation, the incident where the two were brutally killed and buried by their car driver has shaken not only the Mylapore area but also the city of Chennai.

There have been sensational new reports about this murder. The details are as follows: –

Businessman Srikanth and his wife Anuradha left Chennai last March to visit their daughter Sunanda in the US.

The couple, who had been staying in the US for a few months after giving birth to their pregnant daughter, left the US and arrived at the Chennai airport at 3.30 am yesterday. The two were taken to their home in Mylapore by their driver Krishna.

Krishna, the driver who suddenly attacked Srikanth and Anuradha along with his friend Ravi, killed both of them at home. Driver Krishna, who had already bundled up the jewelery he had at home, and his friend Ravi decided to bury the businessman and his wife together before dawn.

Industrialist Srikanth owns a large farm house on the East Coast Road in the Solerikat area of ​​Nemilicherry. They decided to take the body to that house and bury it. Accordingly, the bodies of 2 persons were bundled up in Srikanth’s car. Then they took the car from Mylapore at lightning speed and went home to Nemilicherry farm.

There they dug a big pit and buried the bodies of Srikanth and Anuradha.

Krishna and his friend Ravi, who later escaped with the looted jewelery, were arrested in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh.

It was only after the killers were arrested and investigated that it was revealed that the two had been killed and buried. The two were caught around 6.30pm yesterday. The bodies could not be exhumed immediately after this.

Following this, the police took the killers to the farm where the bodies of the two were buried this morning. Bodies are being exhumed today.

Industrialist Srikanth is a very affluent man. Srikanth and his wife Anuradha had given their daughter Sunanda in marriage to an American groom. The couple had returned to Chennai after spending 3 months in the US enjoying the birth of their daughter.

The incident in which the two are brutally murdered before this joy and happiness is included has come as a shock to daughter Sunanda. He and Srikanth Anuradha’s relatives are shedding tears.

How was the clue lost in this murder case? Additional Commissioner of Tenchennai Kannan gave an interview to reporters today. Then he said: –

The couple from Mylapore have been killed by two assassins. When Srikanth and his wife returned home early yesterday morning from the US, they beat his wife Anuradha with a rolling pin on the first floor. Srikanth was put on the ground floor and killed.

The bodies of the two were then taken in a car wrapped in a blanket and buried in a pit at Srikanth’s farm house near Mamallapuram.

Driver Krishna and his friend Ravirai from Darjeeling were involved in the murder. It has been found that the two were involved in the incident in the lust for jewelery money. 8000 Grams of jewelery has been confiscated from the killers.

It weighs 9 kg. Silverware weighing 60 to 70 kg was also seized.

We learned that the two were killed around 1pm yesterday. Immediately the personnel acted better and arrested the culprits. I commend them for this.

They decided to flee to Nepal without getting caught by the police and went fast in the car. If 6 or 7 hours had passed they would have gone to Nepal.

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But by then we had caught both the killers with the help of Andhra police.

Krishna’s father was a guard at the farm house. Krishna knew the Srikanth family from an early age. Thus they had allotted him a separate room in the Mylapore house.

He has a 15-year-old son. Krishna became acquainted with Ravi when he tried to enroll him in a Darjeeling school.

After this, the two together planned a detailed murder incident and committed double murder. Additional Commissioner Kannan said.

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