India'Cyclone Asani' formed in the Bay of Bengal IMD Warns 3 States...

‘Cyclone Asani’ formed in the Bay of Bengal IMD Warns 3 States Heavy Rainfall

The Meteorological Department has forecast that the depression in the Andaman Sea in the Bay of Bengal will form into a storm today.

Depression formed in the southern Andamans and adjoining southeastern Bay of Bengal. This depression was strengthened into a deep depression.

At this point, a deep depression formed in the southern Andaman and southeastern Bay of Bengal formed into a Cyclone this morning.

The Cyclone is named Asani. The Cyclone is expected to turn into a severe storm in 24 hours and move in a north-westerly direction. Moving at a speed of 970 km from Visakhapatnam. The India Meteorological Department said it was centered in the distance.

Meanwhile, Asani Cyclone is expected to make landfall in northern Andhra Pradesh and Odisha on May 10.

Due to this, winds of up to 80 kmph are forecast in the Andamans, Southeast, Middle East and Bay of Bengal today and in the Bay of Bengal and Central Bay of Bengal from tomorrow for the first 2 days.

Fishermen in the area are advised not to venture into the sea and fishermen in the deep sea are advised to return to shore. Also, the Meteorological Department has warned of heavy rains in Tamil Nadu for the first 4 days due to Asani storm.

Today there is a chance of light to moderate rain with thunder and lightning in a few districts of Tamil Nadu and a few places in Pondicherry.

However, it has been reported that in one or two places in Tamil Nadu, the maximum temperature will rise up to 3 degrees above normal for the next 2 days.

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