Thursday, August 11, 2022
IndiaDelhi to Meerut RRTS Launches India's First High Speed Train

Delhi to Meerut RRTS Launches India’s First High Speed Train

The country’s first high-speed Delhi–Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System RRTS train was launched by Indian Railways. It is considered as a step towards a new Indian railway system.

The new RRTS train is a completely new train design that will come into use by the end of the year.

Featuring a total of six compartments on the RRTS train, with the potential to increase to nine in the future, the train has facilities such as Wi-Fi and package racks, providing a luxurious experience for passengers. There are mobile / laptop charging stations.

The train, which is scheduled to reach five stations at Sahibabad in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad district and up to Duhai in Uttar Pradesh, is expected to cross the tracks by March 2023.

This train is capable of traveling three times faster than the Metro. The average speed is 100 km / h and the maximum speed is 160 km / h.

A total of 407 seats will be available in the six compartments of the train. This train can carry 1500 people at a time. It is noteworthy that the interior of the train is designed like a plane.

There will be cross section 2×2 seats for passenger seating. There will also be a wide aisle with grip handles and rails for safety when standing.

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