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IndiaDMK Tiruchi Siva's son Surya joined BJP Party

DMK Tiruchi Siva’s son Surya joined BJP Party

DMK MP Trichy Siva's son Surya today (May 8) met BJP leader Annamalai and joined the BJP.

Chennai: DMK MP Tiruchi Siva’s son Surya today (May 8) met BJP leader Annamalai and joined the BJP.

Tiruchi Siva, the DMK’s policy outreach secretary, is the DMK’s state MP. Trichy Siva is the main leader of the DMK in the Central Zone.

It was at this point that Surya, the son of Tiruchi Siva, joined the BJP in the presence of Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai at the BJP headquarters in Chennai.

Surya, son of Trichy Siva, one of the key leaders of the DMK, has joined the BJP.

Surya, son of DMK MP Tiruchi Siva. There were rumors that Surya had decided to join the BJP as he was dissatisfied that his father was traditionally from the DMK and his father and he were not given due recognition.

Surya, the son of Tiruchi Siva, had filed a petition to contest the 2021 Assembly elections in Trichy East constituency and participated in the interview. But for Surya, the DMK did not give the leadership seat. Thus, Surya was dissatisfied.

Not only that, but already in Tiruchi, K.N. Nehru and Anbil Mahesh are both influential. Not only that but K.N. Following Nehru, his son Arun Nehru has also started entering politics.

But, Tiruchi Siva’s son has not got a good place in the party yet. According to DMK sources, this came from Surya’s dissatisfaction.

It is in this context that Surya, the son of Tiruchi Siva, is said to have hinted at going to the BJP with a picture of Modi as WhatsApp DP.

Earlier, Surya had posted a photo of himself with artist Karunanidhi as a child on WhatsApp, but now he has replaced it with a photo of Prime Minister Modi. Thus, Surya Siva’s son Surya says unity in the BJP is certain.

Following this, it was reported that Surya, the son of Trichy Siva, will be joining the BJP in the presence of BJP state president Annamalai in a day or two.

If Trichy Siva’s son, one of the DMK’s key leaders, joins the BJP, it will be an opportunity to heap more criticism on the DMK. So, there was talk and buzz in the DMK that Trichy Siva’s son Surya should be prevented from joining the BJP.

Meanwhile, Surya, son of Trichy Siva, one of the key leaders of the DMK, joined the BJP in the presence of Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai at the BJP headquarters in Chennai.

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