IndiaDo You Want a sharp nose? Can be obtained without surgery

Do You Want a sharp nose? Can be obtained without surgery

People work hard to bring shine to the face. But ignore the beauty of the nose. Here are some simple tips to easily enhance the beauty of the nose.

Tips for a sharp nose: The nose is the most important part of our body. Our nose performs many important functions such as breathing and consuming. Apart from this, the nose also plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the face.

For some people the nose is thick. They may not even like it. Many people seek the help of various surgeries to make their nose thinner. But, those who want to make the thick nose slim without any surgery, can do it with three exercises. You can find out more about them in this post.

3 ways to make a thick nose slimmer

You can do these nose exercises to make the thick nose thinner and bring it to a sharper shape. These regulate the muscles of the nose and reduce excess fat from it.

1. Nose shaping

– To do the nose shaping exercise, first sit on the yoga mat.

– Keep your hips straight and take long and deep breaths and let out.

– Then inhale and exhale with both index fingers on either side of the nose.

– After this, with light pressure, exhale.

– Repeat this about 10 times. But remember not to put too much pressure on the need.

2. Nose Shortening (Nose Shortening)

– To do the nose compression exercise, sit comfortably in one place.

– Now keep the waist straight and breathe deeply and slowly.

– Now press lightly on the tip of the nose with the index finger.

– After this, bring the tip of the nose down with the help of the finger and then, move upwards.

– Repeat this exercise for a while.

3. Nose Straightening

– To straighten the nose, first sit in a comfortable position.

– Then, keeping the mouth in a smiling position, with the help of two index fingers, lift the nose upwards.

– Do this 20 to 30 times daily.

Some days the difference is obvious

If you do these exercises for the nose daily, your nose will start to get in good shape and in a few days you will start to see the difference. However, no matter what the parts of the body are, by their structure, it is not good to be humble and lose hope.

Everyone has a uniqueness. Therefore, do not put too much pressure on your mind to make yourself look like someone else.

(Disclaimer: The information provided herein is based on home remedies and general information. Be sure to seek medical advice before following through. IMAPHSY Media has not confirmed this information.)

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