IndiaE-Pluto Seven G Electric Scooter Catches Fire Near Chennai

E-Pluto Seven G Electric Scooter Catches Fire Near Chennai

E-Bike Fire Near Thiruvallur, an e-bike caught fire and damaged more than Rs.3 lakh items including a house, a petrol bike and a used refrigerator.

Chennai: A battery bike parked in front of a farmer’s house near Thiruvallur caught fire and items worth about Rs.3 lakh such as refrigerator motor pumps in the house caught fire. The incident in which the e-bike bike battery exploded and caught fire has caused further fear among motorists.

Devarajan (age 45), a farmer in Narasingapuram village in Thiruvallur district, has been using an E-Pluto Seven G model electric battery model two-wheeler that he bought seven months ago. As usual he parked his bike in front of the house and left it charging and disconnected and slept with the family.

Meanwhile, when his wife Thenmoli woke up early in the morning, she saw an electric e-bike suddenly catching fire and screaming. After informing most of the fire department, the fire department rushed to the scene and rescued everyone in the house and extinguished the fire.

This caused damage to his house, the petrol bike in his house and the refrigerator used in the house, as well as over two lakh motors used for agriculture. Mappedu police have registered a case and are investigating.

A few days back, a father and daughter were killed in a fire accident caused by an electric bike in Vellore, also recently Ola Electric Scooter fired and an electric bike battery exploded and caught fire, causing a great stir in the Thiruvallur area.

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