IndiaEdappadi K. Palaniswami EPS selected as Interim General Secretary of AIADMK

Edappadi K. Palaniswami EPS selected as Interim General Secretary of AIADMK

The court has ruled against the ban given by OPS that there is no ban on holding AIADMK general meeting.

Chennai: The AIADMK General Committee meeting held at Chennai Vanagaram on June 23 caused a huge stir in the political circles. In the hearing on the petition filed by O Panneer Selvam’s side seeking ban on AIADMK general committee meeting, the judges ordered that no resolution other than 23 resolutions should be passed in the meeting.

And party coordinator O. Panneerselvam left the meeting halfway through. Also AIADMK divided into OPS side and EPS side and both sides are blaming each other. In this context, it was announced that the AIADMK General Committee meeting will be held on July 11 in the same hall in Vanagaram, Chennai. On the other hand, O. Panneerselvam has filed a case in the High Court seeking a ban on the general assembly.

The court heard the case and ruled that in a democracy the will of the majority of the members will prevail, and out of the 2,665 members of the general body, more than 2,100 members have expressed their desire to convene the general body.

Meanwhile, AIADMK General Committee meeting was held after this verdict. Only executives and volunteers with identity card were allowed to participate in this meeting. Also, as the members started arriving for the general committee meeting, there was a traffic jam in Madurawayal area, and 15 people were injured in an accident between a van and a container lorry going to Chennai for the AIADMK general committee meeting.

Meanwhile, only Edappadi Palaniswami will be selected as the temporary general secretary of AIADMK in this general body. Accordingly, votes were cast through volunteers and he became the permanent general secretary. This will give his position strong legal support. Also, a total of 16 resolutions were passed in this General Assembly meeting. They are.

1) Congratulating the elected officials of AIADMK through organizational elections.

2) Urging the Central Government to award Bharat Ratna to Father Periyar, Anna, and former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

3) Resolution urging the central and state governments to stop the Meghadatu dam construction.

4) Urging Central and State Governments to protect the interests of Sri Lankan Tamils.

5) Urging Central and State Governments to eradicate the woes of weavers.

6) Abolition of the dual leadership of AIADMK Coordinator and Co-Coordinator and discuss and decide on the responsibility of General Secretary to be chosen by the core members of the League.

7) Appreciating the achievements of the MGR, Jayalalithaa regime and the historic successes of the Edappadi Palaniswami-led government.

8) Request to elect the Interim General Secretary of AIADMK in the upcoming General Assembly itself.

9) Passing a resolution requesting notification of AIADMK general secretary election.

10) Discussing the current status of AIADMK and taking decisions about party development.

11) To discuss and decide on the creation of AIADMK Interim General Secretary post.

12) Passing a resolution condemning the DMK government for canceling the welfare schemes of the AIADMK government.

13) Condemning the anti-people DMK government for failing to control price rise.

14) Condemning the DMK government for failing to maintain law and order.

15) Urge the DMK government to fulfill the promises made to the government officials and teachers.

16) Condemning the DMK government for not fulfilling the election promises and filing false cases against the association members with political corruption.

Likewise, the resolution to recreate the post of AIADMK General Secretary was passed unanimously. Likewise, the rule of permanent General Secretary Jayalalithaa in the General Assembly has been cancelled. And for the first time in AIADMK, the post of Deputy General Secretary has been created. A resolution has been passed abolishing the post of Coordinator and the post of Deputy Coordinator has been changed to Deputy General Secretary.

In this general committee meeting, a decision has been taken to conduct the general secretary election within four months. And K.P. A decision has been taken in the General Assembly to make Munuswamy the Deputy General Secretary of AIADMK. Due to the dual leadership there was confusion and delay in decision making administratively and politically. A resolution has been proposed in the General Assembly that AIADMK needs a single leadership to rise.

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