Tuesday, June 28, 2022
IndiaFirst human case of H3N8 strain of bird flu found in China,...

First human case of H3N8 strain of bird flu found in China, 4-year-old child infected

China has confirmed the first human case of the H3N8 strain of avian flu (bird flu) .

The country’s National Health Commission said that a four-year-old child living in central Henan province has been found infected with this strain. The child was admitted to the hospital earlier this month with fever and other symptoms.

The child’s family takes care of poultry, no one else was found infected

The NHC said in its statement that the child’s family used to raise poultry at home and during this time he got infected.

She said the H3N8 strain has not been found to effectively infect humans and that the boy’s case was the only case of its kind.

None of the relatives who came in close contact with the child have been found to be infected and the risk of large-scale spread of the strain is very low.

The H3N8 strain was first found in 2002

The H3N8 strain of bird flu first appeared in North America in 2002 and has since infected many species. It can infect chickens, horses, dogs and seals.

In 2012, 160 seals died in America due to this strain. All of them had pneumonia due to infection.

However, so far no case of its infecting humans has been reported.

What is bird flu?

Bird flu or avian influenza is a viral infection caused by influenza type A viruses. This infection, usually occurring in birds, can also spread from one bird to another.

There are several strains of the viruses that cause bird flu, some of which cause mild symptoms, while other strains can be more lethal and can kill birds.

Can bird flu infect humans and how dangerous is it?

Humans are not infected with most strains of the viruses that cause bird flu, although there are some strains such as H5N1 and H7N9 that can infect humans.

However, it does not spread easily from person to person and it is very rare to happen.

Although bird flu is rarely transmitted to humans, it is dangerous for them as well, especially the H5N1 strain. It causes up to 60 percent of deaths.

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