IndiaFrench Parliamentary Elections Emmanuel Macron re-elected President

French Parliamentary Elections Emmanuel Macron re-elected President

Emmanuel Macron has been re-elected President of France.

Paris: The incumbent President of France is Emanuel Macron. He has been president since last 2017. His term ends next month. Meanwhile, President Macron has said he will run for a second term in the presidency.

The election to elect a new president was recently announced. According to the Constitution of France, the president is usually elected by 2 rounds of elections.

A total of 12 candidates were in the fray, including Macron, who is running for a second consecutive term.

The first round of presidential elections in France took place on the 10th. Tens of thousands of polling stations were set up for 4.90 crore voters. Voting began at 8 p.m. People waited in long queues at the polls and did their democratic duty.

There was a fierce rivalry between Emanuel Macron, the right-wing candidate, and Marine Le Pen, a female lawyer. No candidate received a majority of votes in the first round of elections.

In this context, the second phase of the French presidential election took place yesterday. Voting was brisk from morning till evening.

The counting of votes began after the polls closed. Macron received 58.2 percent of the vote to run for re-election. His opponent, Marine Le Pen, received 41.8 percent of the vote.

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Various heads of state have congratulated Emanuel Macron on his second term as President of France.

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