IndiaGoogle will Remove Call Recording in Android Apps Store from May 11

Google will Remove Call Recording in Android Apps Store from May 11

Google has decided to remove call recording applications.

Google plans to drastically reduce the number of applications used to record calls on Android smartphones. Google has announced that call recording applications will no longer work from May 11, and has recently made some changes to the Google Play Store policy. In particular, the policy includes the removal of call recorders on Android devices.

That means Android customers who use a smartphone without a built-in call recorder will not be able to record calls after May 11. However, when Reddit users explored Google’s new policy through NLL apps, it was reported that the new changes would only affect third-party applications.

Tech experts say that the default call recording feature on mobile will work as usual, and customers can use it if they have a call recording option on their smartphone.

The policy brought by Google apply to all smartphones. Google has not introduced this new rule exclusively for any mobile. The decision was made to remove unwanted call recording applications from the Play Store.

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Google has taken this decision with the aim of giving customers the right to information security as the performance of call recording applications is poor in matters including personal security.

Google is currently paying extra attention to these issues as issues related to personal information security continue to be raised globally.

Google has come up with new policy aimed at weeding out some of the applications in the Play Store due to the threat of personal information security. These regulations come into effect on May 11th.

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