Thursday, August 11, 2022
IndiaHeat Wave Temperature estimated to be 46-47 degrees in Delhi

Heat Wave Temperature estimated to be 46-47 degrees in Delhi

The temperature at Delhi's Safdarjung base station has been forecast to be 44 degrees. On Friday, it was 1.5 degrees lower i.e. 42.5 degrees.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that the heat wave that has continued for two days in Delhi will become more severe today. The department has issued an ‘Orange Alert’ in Delhi and said that the temperature in some areas of the city may reach 46-47 degree Celsius today.

The temperature at Delhi’s Safdarjung base station has been forecast to be 44 degrees. On Friday, it was 1.5 degrees lower i.e. 42.5 degrees.

The temperature in Najafgarh on Friday was more than 46 degrees

Earlier yesterday also, the heat had wreaked havoc in Delhi and the temperature in Najafgarh crossed the 46 degree mark and stood at 46.1 degree Celsius.

Apart from this, Jafarpur and Mungeshpur also recorded 45.6 degrees Celsius and 45.4 degrees Celsius respectively, which is six notches above the average temperature at this time of the year.

In Pitampura too, the heat wreaked havoc and the temperature reached 44.7 degrees on Friday.

This is the fifth wave of heat in Delhi this season

Let us tell you that this is the fifth heat wave in Delhi this season. Earlier, Delhiites had to face three heat waves in March and one in April.

The average temperature in Delhi in April was 40.2 degrees Celsius, the second highest since 1951. Due to the heat wave at the end of the month, the temperature reached 46 to 47 degrees in many areas of the city.

Last April was the hottest month in 122 years

In April, there was severe heat in other areas of India and it broke all records.

According to the Meteorological Department, in the month of April, the average temperature in North-Western and Central India was the highest in the last 122 years, that is, in 122 years there was no such heat in any April .

Earlier, even during March, the heat had released the sweat and this month was the hottest March month of the last 122 years.

What was the temperature in April?

The average maximum temperature in the northwestern states during April was 35.9 degrees Celsius, which was 3.35 degrees above normal. Earlier, there was severe heat in April 2010, but even then the average maximum temperature was 0.5 degree less than this April.

The average maximum temperature in the central parts of the country reached 37.7 °C, breaking the record of 37.75 °C in April 1973.

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Duration of heat waves remains worrying

Environmental experts say more worrying than rising temperatures is the longer duration of heatwaves. The average temperature of India and Pakistan during the last six weeks has surpassed the figures so far.

The World Meteorological Organization says that it is too early to justify environmental change behind this heat, but this type of weather is expected to remain in the midst of the changing environment. The heatwave is starting much earlier now.

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