IndiaHindi language controversy Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeep, Ajay Devgan debate

Hindi language controversy Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeep, Ajay Devgan debate

What if my answer to your question was recorded in Kannada? Kicha Sudeep replied to Ajay Devgan.

Mumbai: Speaking at a film festival on the success of KGF-2, Kannada actor Kichha Sudeep has said that Hindi should no longer be the national language.

Everyone says that a Kannada film was made as a pan-India film, but with one minor correction, Hindi is no longer the national language. Bollywood also produces many Pan-India films.

They are published in Telugu and Tamil. But struggle to win. Today we are making films that can run anywhere, ”said Sudeep.

Popular Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn’s tweet in response to him has caused a stir and has once again created controversy over Hindi.

In the post, Ajay Devgan tagged Kicha Sudeep and said, ‘If Hindi is not the national language for you, why are you dubbing and releasing your mother tongue films in Hindi? Hindi will always be our mother tongue and national language. ‘

Kiccha Sudeep replied, “I understand the post you sent in Hindi. We all loved and learned Hindi. There is nothing wrong sir. But I wondered what would have happened if my answer to your question had been recorded in Kannada. Aren’t we from India too?”

Kicha Sudeep’s response to Ajay Devgan’s post went viral on social media. Many people posted their comments. In particular, Kannada fans were harshly critical of Ajay Devgan.

After that, Ajay Devgan tweeted to put an end to this discussion. In it, Hello Sudeep, you are a friend. Thanks for correcting the misunderstanding. I always think of the film industry as one.

We respect all languages ​​and expect everyone to respect our language. Perhaps there is something wrong with the translation. ‘

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