IndiaHispanic Elvis Died at 76 After illness family confirms

Hispanic Elvis Died at 76 After illness family confirms

The San Antonio man was known for performing at Market Square Hispanic Elvis dies at his 76.

Hispanic Elvis few days ago hospitalized with infection. The street performer beloved San Antonio icon Hispanic Elvis passes away says family members.

“Hispanic Elvis” jams on the dance floor during the 38th annual Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in 2017. The popular street performer has died following a short stay in hospice.

“It keeps me happy,” Esquivel said in the 2014 article. “Every day is a new challenge for me. When I’m unable to dance anymore, I’ll just pose.”

On Thursday, March 31, Cisneros confirmed to MySA that the San Antonio star had died.

Prior to the confirmation from the family, social media timelines throughout San Antonio reported the death. Cisneros says that’s how he found out his brother died.

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